Biohazard? Gilead Leads 5 Big-Cap Biotech Earnings

Can biotech stocks bounce back? As recently as last month, the Medical-Biomed/Biotech group was ranked No. 1 out of IBD’s 197 industries. But it’s been dead last over the last four weeks, plunging 22.1%. That partly reflects growth stocks overall falling hard in the current market correction. But specific concerns over sky-high drug prices, notably Gilead Sciences’ blockbuster hepatitis C fighter Sovaldi, have spooked investors. This coming week,

Weibo IPO Stock Rises Despite Reduced Expectations

Weibo wobbled in its stock market debut Thursday, but it didn’t fall. China’s largest microblogging service rose 19% to 20.24, but only after slipping at first, pricing at the low end of its range and selling fewer shares than expected. The IPO of the company, referred to as China’s Twitter (TWTR), priced at 17 late Wednesday, at the low end of its expected 17-19 range. It opened at 16.27, though it quickly reversed to positive territory. Weibo

How Microsoft Turned PCs Into Home Appliances

When a tech-stock boom carried the Nasdaq over the 1000 level for the first time in July 1995, expectations were running high that Microsoft’s revenue and profit would surge in coming quarters from the rollout of its new computer operating system, Windows 95. Microsoft (MSFT) stock had more than doubled in the prior year. On Aug. 24, 1995, the software giant launched Windows 95 with a $200 million marketing campaign set to the Rolling Stones