New Agarwood Plantation Launched in Manipur India

Plantations International News Manipur on Sunday launched Agarwood tree plantation at Langol Reserved Forest, Luwangshangbam in the outskirt of Imphal to provide alternative livelihood to poppy cultivators. Chief Minister N Biren Singh formally launched the Agarwood tree plantation programme organized by the Forest department and Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC), Luwangshangbam. Speaking to media on… Read More »

India’s Agarwood Trees Just Step Away From Extinction

Plantations International News The agarwood tree (Aquilaria malaccensis), whose resin extract is widely used in perfumes and incense, is one step away from being declared extinct in the wild by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN, an international organisation which maintains an authoritative database on the status of species, called the… Read More »

Musang King Challenged by New Royal Durian

Plantations International News Musang King, the Malaysian durian variety which reigns supreme among fans of the fruit, could see a new challenger to the throne. The Royal ASFA50 — which stands for Anniversary Sirajuddin Fauziah 50 — was introduced to mark the 50th anniversary of the marriage of the ruler of northern Perlis state, the… Read More »