Musang King Challenged by New Royal Durian

Plantations International News Musang King, the Malaysian durian variety which reigns supreme among fans of the fruit, could see a new challenger to the throne. The Royal ASFA50 — which stands for Anniversary Sirajuddin Fauziah 50 — was introduced to mark the 50th anniversary of the marriage of the ruler of northern Perlis state, the… Read More »

Organic vs. Natural – What You Need To Know!

Plantations International News The difference between Organic and Natural is as vast as the difference between a cat and a car. All of us want to eat as healthy as possible, but the advertising industry has been deliberately and un-ethically using the word “Natural” to describe its processed foods for some time, below Plantations International… Read More »

Special Report: China and The Global Garlic Market

Plantations International News OVERVIEW GLOBAL GARLIC MARKET China, by far the world’s largest garlic producer, sets the conditions in the global market. Rumours about problems with the crop and possible losses are being taken relatively calmly by the international market, although there are reports that importers are monitoring their import flows more closely and importing… Read More »