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Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google Sharpen FANGs

Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google (GOOGL) are now being referred to as “FANG,” and they are sharpening their teeth in this volatile market. The four Internet giants are leading the market’s rally as they have now clawed their way back from this week’s sell-off, erasing all of their losses from the last several sessions. Facebook was up 1.6% in above-average volume in the stock market today. It’s nearing its 50-day line and is

Sprint Disrupts AT&T DirecTV Plans With Free Offer

Sprint (S) is offering customers of DirecTV Group one free year of wireless phone service, aiming to disrupt AT&T’s marketing strategy following the acquisition of the satellite TV broadcaster in July. AT&T (T) bought DirecTV for $48.5 billion. If DirecTV subscribers switch to Sprint, they must buy or lease a new phone through Sprint and they must pay a one-time activation fee of $36, plus taxes and surcharges. The Sprint offer includes unlimited

Google: EU Is ‘Wrong’ About Antitrust Allegations

Google (GOOGL) has officially denied charges made by the European Commission in April that the No. 1 search engine operator is violating antitrust laws in Europe, setting the stage for a high-stakes, drawn-out duel. Mountain View, Calif.-based Google said the commission lacked any economic or legal basis for the allegations from the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union. In April, the EU Commission had charged that Google