Amazon Fire TV Gets Its Voice On Through Alexa

By | May 17, 2016

Scalper1 News ( AMZN ) is adding voice-control features to its Fire TV system through Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant app and rival to Apple’s Siri. The new Alexa features coming to Fire TV include the ability to control playback of Amazon Video, launch apps, access local movie showtimes, and search local businesses and restaurants, Amazon said. Users can also find local movie showtimes and where they are playing. The new Alexa features will be automatically delivered via free, over-the-air software updates in the coming weeks, Amazon said. Many of the new features are similar to what’s available on the Apple ( AAPL ) TV system through its Siri technology. Amazon’s Fire TV has a library of about 4,000 channels, apps and games, and supports 4K Ultra HD playback. Amazon stock fell 2.2% in the stock market today , to 695.27, where 700 had been a point of resistance. Scalper1 News

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