Agarwood Lessons from FRIM

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Fifteen attendees joined a two-day training course on ‘Conservation as well as Management from Aquilaria (Karas) for Agarwood’ at Long Bemang, Ulu Baram just recently. The training program incorporated by Rainforest Research Principle from Malaysia (FRIM) was facilitated through local area entrepreneur Tinnes Malai. FRIM’s head from Woods Plantation Management Branch for Forestation Medical Branch, Dr Lok Eng Hai administered the Agarwood training course. “Besides Long Bemang, attendees arised from various nearby regions in Ulu Baram, Mulu, Bakong, Lapok, Niah as properly as Miri. “Some from all of them were actually presently entailed in the farming from Agarwood. “Those organizing to cultivate Agarwood knew preservation and also management techniques […]

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